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Become the V.I.P

Post by PiJee on 25/06/15, 05:19 pm

As a very important people, also short VIP, You can do on FFS some special things as the name actually says.

VIP 1: You can drive the special mini RC vehicles, Use the vip chat and enter the vip lounge.
That's V.I.P Level 1 For 5 euros.

VIP 2: You can drive special vehicles and Use the vip lounge, the special vehicles are : Hydra , Rhino , Hunter , Tram , mini rcs
sit in the big train, You can use also VIP Chat Like V.I.P 1  with ; (; message) and get one personal vehicle
That's V.I.P level 2 for 10 euros.

VIP 3: You can have a own vehicle or property or 2 vehicles and 0 property or 2 properties 0 vehicles.
Soon It will give V.I.P Level 3, but That means 5 euro extra. V.I.P Level 3 ain't ready yet so Please Just donate for vip 2.

If you want more properties or vehicles it cost 2,50 euro for 1 more thing.
If you want a kind of special bug means filled with computer or whatever it cost 5 euro extra, i made already some special bugs for some special vips like CaveMan's masturbate station, McNasty's  room, Oussama's house etc.

Donate for the server alive. Enjoy your stay here and Have fun.

if you want to be VIP, you need to have paypail , the paypail id is :

Have Fun & enjoy your stay

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