How to make an application

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How to make an application

Post by PiJee on 25/06/15, 05:27 pm

If you want to apply for moderator status on our server you must fill in this form. If your aplication has been denied, or you were admin before and have been demoted, you must wait atleast 1 month before aplying again.

You also must match these requirments

   You must have played at least 50 hours ingame (on one account).
   You must be loyal to other admins.
   You must treat everyone respectfully.
   You have to be able to speak decent English.
   You must be friendly and helpful towards other players.
   You need to know all rules and features of the server.
   You need to be able to use our forum.
   You need to be able to use IRC (Using mibbit does not count, Use mIRC, HexChat, etc).

Create a new thread in this board with the following format.

Ingame name:
Real name:
Date of birth:
Hours you play per week:

English skill: x/10
Native Language:
Other Languages:
SAMP Knowledge: x/10
IRC Knowledge: x/10

Since when do you play SAMP?:
What versions of SAMP have you played on?:
Do you have any moderating experience on a SAMP server?:
Have you ever been banned on our server? If so, explain why:
Why should we accept you as an admin on our server? (Use at least 50 words):
Do you have any SA-MP scripting/mapping knowledge?:

Extra information (optional):

If your application matches our requirments we will discuss if you can become an admin on our server. This may take up to 2 weeks.

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